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Information Literacy Exam

Information Literacy Exam (ILE)

Information Literacy is the ability to find, evaluate, and use information in order to solve problems. This guide will connect you with information and links to help you find the information literacy tutorial, exam, and how to generate a certificate of completion.

Completion of the Information Literacy Exam (ILE) is a requirement intended to connect you with library resources, tools, and services and sharpen your information literacy skills. The ILE is open-book, multiple choice, untimed, and unlimited retakes are available to pass.

Please contact a librarian if you have questions. We are happy to help!

How to find the tutorial & exam


The ILE is an OPEN-BOOK style exam! It is recommended that you first review the tutorial and then actively use it during the exam!

Info Lit EXAM

The ILE can be found on Laulima. Follow each of these steps to access the exam (it is hidden!):

  1. Log in to your Laulima account
  2. Click "More Sites" at top of page
  3. Select the LCC_InfoLit_ENG tab (it will be under "Ongoing sites")
  4. Select "Assignments, Tests and Surveys" from the left side bar
  5. Select "Begin" when you are ready to start the exam

Note: If you have trouble accessing the exam, check with your instructor or email

How to generate a certificate of completion

How to GENERATE certificate

Once you have passed the ILE, you must generate and share your certificate of completion with your ENG teacher. Here's how to generate the certificate:

  1. Log in to your Laulima account
  2. Select the LCC_InfoLit_ENG tab
  3. Click "Assignments, Tests, and Surveys"
  4. Click "Review" (will be under your score)
  5. Click "View Certificate"

How to SUBMIT certificate

Depending on your teacher, they may prefer this certificate be emailed to them directly, or submitted as an attachment or assignment in Laulima. Check with your teacher before submitting your score for credit.