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Researching Hot Topics

Hot topics can be difficult to research, because reliable sources take a tremendous amount of time to create and publish and finding neutral information on divisive or controversial topics is challenging. 

This LibGuide will connect you with relevant resources and tools and provide you with research tips and practical advice for finding, evaluating, and citing difficult to research hot topics.

On this guide you will find information and links relate to the following topics:

If you do not see your topic or would like some extra assistance, please feel free to connect with a librarian - we love to help!

Recommended Steps

  1. Identify your topic
  2. Develop searchable keywords
  3. Find background information, articles, books & eBooks, and websites
  4. Evaluate your sources for currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose (see CRAAP Test, below)
  5. Cite your sources to make them findable

For more information, visit the Research Challenge LibGuide

Citing Sources

There are many available resources and tools for creating useful source citations In fact, one benefit of using library search tools and databases, is that most come equip with citation generators! 

Evaluating Sources

For all articles, books, websites, and other information resources, use the CRAAP test to evaluate the books and articles you find through the library's catalog and research databases and especially for sources found on the Web.

Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose

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