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Research Challenge: Home

What is the Research Challenge?

The Research Challenge connects students to tools, resources, and collections for conducting research in college. In a series of quests, you will find, evaluate, and cite information from a number of difference sources and information types, including news and journal articles, books, eBooks, credible websites, and more.

The tabs above relate to different research topics, and within each topic will be five information quests. Below you will find a link to the research challenge packet and information on evaluating information using the CRAAP test.



Research Challenge Quests

The Research Challenge is a series of five quests that will help you to find high-quality, relevant information for your assignment. Each topic tab will have five quest boxes:

   Quest 1:  Refining your keywords
   Quest 2:  Finding articles using databases
   Quest 3:  Finding a book or e-book
   Quest 4:  Finding a good website
   Quest _:  Finding an additional source
   Quest 5:  Creating your annotated bibliography

The result of the completed tasks will be an annotated bibliography. Track your progress by following the link below to create your own Research Challenge packet.

Research Challenge Overview

Evaluating Information

For all articles, books, websites, and other information resources, use the CRAAP test to evaluate the books and articles you find through the library's catalog and research databases and especially for sources found on the Web.

    Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose