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ENG 211: Autobiographical Writing (Inoshita): Autobiography & Biography Research

Autobiography/Biography Literary Review: Research

The library contains millions of articles, hundreds of thousands of books and ebooks, streaming movies, genealogy subscriptions, guides, pathfinders, and tools that you can find online or in person... But how?!

Primo is the library's newest tool for finding information. Below are links to search Primo for books and more, direct links to databases containing autobiographies and biographies, and websites from reputable organizations and publishers.

Once you have found your autobiographies/biographies, cite them to avoid plagiarism (and to relocate them in the future!).


Search for books and other materials in the library collection, as well as articles, e‑books, and videos from the library's research databases.

Or go directly to Primo Search for more options.

Find Autobiographies and Biographies in a Library Database

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Autobiography Literary Review Essay Assignment

A Sample of eBooks...


A Sample of print books...


Find Autobiographies and Biographies Online