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Blind Date with a Book: Online Personal Ads


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Rapturous Reading in February

It might be love at first page!

Blind Date with a Book

Aloha & welcome to our Blind Date with a Book event! We selected books from a variety of genres, wrapped them up, and wrote personal ads to get you to check them out. Give our books a chance! They came highly recommended. Our book dating service will end Feb. 29. 

Blind Date with a Book: Library Display

Online Book Dating Instructions:

Understanding our online personal ads

  • Click on a "Personal Ad #" link to check its availability
  • If your book date is a physical print book, you can submit a request to pick it up by going to the "Get It" section
  • Sign in with your UH Login
  • Click "Request Specific Copy"
  • Fill out the form and click "> Send Request
  • You will receive an email notification when your book date is ready for pick up! 
  • If your book date is an e-Book/audiobook, you can check it out yourself by going to the "View Online" section
  • Sign in with your UH Login
  • Click the database's link (OverDrive, EBSCOhost, etc)
  • Click "Borrow" or "Read Online"

*Leeward IDs are required to participate in Blind Date with a Book 


After you return your book date, Rate Your Date at or in the box below.

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Online Personal Ads

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Personal Ad #1

4 years old / Any comfy couch

Trigger Warning(s): none 

Nice to meet you, tell me a little bit about yourself. I'm a great listener.

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Personal Ad #2

2 years old / Ancient Mesoamerica

Join us! We are a group of women whose way of life is threatened by a new king. See our fierce celebration of community, sisterhood, and finding power! If you're interested in fantasy, supernatural, and dreams I'm the book for you!

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Personal Ad #3

95 years / France and Germany

Trigger Warning(s): Horrors of war

Young soldier seeks understanding soul with whom to share experiences of the Great War. Not as accusation or confession, but simply as reflection, of events larger than ourselves, and of lives, and innocence, loss.

" "

Personal Ad #4

3 years / Anywhere, but preferably beneath a full moon...

Opposites CAN attract - just takes an open mind and a little effort! Take a dark, brooding, goth-y girl and a guy with a monthly temperament like a beast, and see how we make it work. We share pictures too!

" "

Personal Ad #5

6 years / Mythical Japan

Trigger Warning(s): Violence

Entering the competition to be the next Empress of Honoku is forbidden to yōkai like me. I've been training all my life for this competition and if I'm found out, my life is forfeit! I've never been beautiful like my mother and I don't see how I'm going to get out of this alive . . .

" "

Personal Ad #6

177 years old / Yorkshire, England

Trigger Warning(s): Domestic Violence

Enigmatic gentleman seeks a passionate soul for a turbulent love affair. Resides in the hauntingly beautiful moors of the English countryside. Seeking a partner who appreciates stormy weather, profound emotions, and the thrill of a timeless journey of love and loss.

" "

Personal Ad #7

37 years / Colorado, United States

Trigger Warning(s): Stalking, violence

When I met you, my world turned upside down and I never felt such devotion from a person I just met! Let’s explore our world, together.

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Personal Ad #8

13 years / Victorian England

Looking for a fellow magician to compete in an exciting competition. I have two tickets to the circus for our first date!

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Personal Ad #9

12 years / Ancient Greece

Beautiful, legendary bachelor seeks a romance that defies the test of time. Enjoys moonlit beach walks, celestial serenades, and intense chemistry. Must be willing to embark on epic battles and defy the gods in the name of true love and undying devotion.

" "

Personal Ad #10

19 years / Forks, Washington

Girl who moved from Phoenix to Forks to live with my dad. Took interest in an attractive guy… but there's something odd about him. Let's uncover this mystery!

" "

Personal Ad #11

3 years / England

Trigger Warning(s): Misogyny 

Anne was a fussy baby and the physician's solution for her mother, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, was a few drops of laudanum, daily. Those daily drops became years, and Anne had enough of her mother controlling her life. If you're a Jane Austen fan (or you're in to historical fiction!), give me a chance!

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Personal Ad #12

26 years / Future Earth

Help wanted. Looking for zoologist interested in creating a field guide of the flora and fauna existent post-human extinction. Must be interested in all creatures and have illustration skills.

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Personal Ad #13

7 years / Galton

Trigger Warning: Death and Murder

A dystopian world, a girl who wants revenge on the renegade society and a renegade boy who believes in justice. What will happen when they meet?

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Personal Ad #14

26 years old / Wherever my curiosity carries me

I'm a British neurologist who is positively excited to meet new people. I'm always so intrigued to learn about new and uncommon psychological conditions and the people who succeed in spite of them. Always looking to approach any situation with an open-mind and a little humor.

" "

Personal Ad #15

22 years / Ashland, Southern Oregon

Another world identical to ours in every way, just better!... Or is it?

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Personal Ad #16

29 years / Mexico

Tita loved to cook! When she created dishes all her feelings were felt by anyone eating her food! Everyone enjoyed her dishes especially the man she loved, Pedro! When Tita expressed her desire to marry, her mother said "Never! As the youngest daughter you are to care for me till I die!" Tita was heartbroken. How would she ever marry her love, Pedro? Find out by choosing me to read.

Check back often for new ads!