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Blind Date with a Book: Online Personal Ads


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Rapturous Reading in February

It might be love at first page!

Blind Date with a Book

Aloha & welcome to our Blind Date with a Book event! We selected books from a variety of genres, wrapped them up, and wrote personal ads to get you to check them out. Give our books a chance! They came highly recommended. Our book dating service will end Friday, February 26th. 

Blind Date with a Book: Library Display

Online Book Dating Instructions:

Understanding our online personal ads

  • Click on a "Personal Ad #" link to check its availability
  • If your book date is a physical print book, you can submit a request to pick it up by going to the "Get It" section
  • Sign in with your UH Login
  • Click "Request Specific Copy"
  • Fill out the form and click "> Send Request
  • You will receive an email notification when your book date is ready for pick up! 
  • If your book date is an e-Book/audiobook, you can check it out yourself by going to the "View Online" section
  • Sign in with your UH Login
  • Click the database's link (OverDrive, EBSCOhost, etc)
  • Click "Borrow" or "Read Online"

*Leeward IDs are required to participate in Blind Date with a Book 


After you return your book date, Rate Your Date at or in the box below.

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Online Personal Ads

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Personal Ad #1

9 years / UK

What do you do when making the person you love happy also means breaking your own heart? I’ve shown Will Traynor that he can love again but why won't he believe me? Please take me on a date so I can feel alive again!

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Personal Ad #2

47 years / New York, USA

The epic battle between man and the sea! Are you sure it’s safe to go into the water? Follow me on a wild ocean ride searching for a giant killer far out to the sea. We’ll be the dream team!

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Personal Ad #3

10 years / Westeros

I like to escape into different worlds of magic! Throw in a knight, a lady, flying dragons, and a throne everyone desires! Let's discover the best way to plot and take over this amazing world!

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Personal Ad #4

12 years / Sweden

Are you into solving mysteries that are 40 years old? Do you enjoy slowly entangling the web of lies families spin until the real truth is discovered? Together, find out what happened to poor 8-year-old Harriet Vanger!

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Personal Ad #5

52 years / Arizona, USA

No! I came home and everyone in my town is dead! It looks like they just dropped dead at whatever they were doing? I only hear a baby crying! We need to find out what happened to my family!

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Personal Ad #6

1 year / Louisiana & California, USA

We grew up as identical twins in Mallard, Louisiana, but our individual choices pulled us apart, taking us in very different directions. Will we ever see one another again? If you're a good listener, we'd love to share with you our divergent stories of identity, race, family, and legacy.

" "

Personal Ad #7

1 year / Mexico

Wanted: Travel-seeker looking for a thrilling trip to Mexico to share accommodations in our HAUNTED old Victorian family mansion. Our CREEPY hospitable family is very eager to meet you and will provide a truly SINISTER entertaining experience.

" "

Personal Ad #8

1 year / India

If your definition of intrigue combines a terrorist attack, a questionable arrest, political opportunism, and the making of the next big star, then light a match and follow me as I take you to a story more explosive than new year's eve.

" "

Personal Ad #9

1 year / Ohio, USA

Girl wizard seeks a witness to impart the magic we all have running through us. I may be a YA (young adult) read, but I offer valuable lessons that I hope you find meaningful and transformative.

" "

Personal Ad #10

2 years / California & New York, USA

A real Asian American mama seeking those with a bold and risque sense of humor. I will read you my letters to my kin as I reflect on all I've learned through my life so far...LOL!

" "

Personal Ad #11

2 years / California, USA

Is race the final frontier?...These are my true voyages from childhood wartime incarceration to trailblazing Hollywood fame.

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Personal Ad #12

1 year / India

Where did all my friends go? Can you help me find them? There's someone or something lurking in the shadows, and I'm going to find it. Will you join me in unravelling the mystery before I find myself missing too?

" "

Personal Ad #13

2 years / Hawaiʻi

In a pandemic creative cooking rut? Explore new/old comfort food cooking skills with me. I'll show you new and old ways to prepare local Hawaiʻi foods that will make staying at home a culinary experience!

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Personal Ad #14

2 years / Hawaiʻi

Ready to challenge your ideas about Hawaiʻi? It may be easy to get caught up in the idea of Hawaiʻi as a paradise. Pick me up and you'll go on a journey towards a nuanced and realistic view of what Hawaiʻi is to those who are ancestrally connected to the land and the culture of Hawaiʻi. Hear from many voices that tell stories of Hawaiʻi as a complex, beautiful place, but maybe not what you had imagined.

" "

Personal Ad #15

29 years / Aotearoa

One magical moment between three young cousins connected us, but when we all grow up, our lives go very separate ways. We three take you on our individual journeys, and you'll see how contemporary New Zealand life has impacted us all in ways we could never have imagined as children. Read me now before the movie version of our story comes out in 2021.

" "

Personal Ad #16

11 years / Sāmoa

Nestled in the heart of the Pacific is Samoa, we walk to a different drum beat. Meet the main character, Leila, destined to find her roots in her homeland, but is it ever that easy? I bring you a fiery romance filled with Pacific mythologies that forces Leila to choose between her birthright, or love.

" "

Personal Ad #17

2 years / Hawaiʻi

A biographical look at one of the most influential and well-known Hawaiian historians of our time. Read about his life spent in servitude to both an old ways and new ways of ruling a kingdom spaning the rule of Kamehameha I through the Hawaiian Kingdom era. His contributions to the cannon of Hawaiian knowledge are invaluable and his life story reflects the incredible impact his work has left us with today.

" "

Personal Ad #18

1 year / Camp Outland

Hi! My real name is Randy. I'm 16 years old and about to go back to summer camp. Everyone will be so surprised! I gave up nail polish, showtunes, and my unicorn bedsheets #crying but I changed my name to "Del" and I've become buff and masculine! The guy I'm in love with only likes "masc" guys and I WILL MAKE HIM NOTICE ME THIS YEAR! I may need your help, though, so please pick me up!

" "

Personal Ad #19

1 year / The Sea

In order to survive, I had to assume the life of a man to gain the respect and protection of the crew. If you want to read a tale of pirates, mermaids, and magic, I am the one for you!

" "

Personal Ad #20

1 year / Never Land

I caught Peter Pan's shadow and I've been waiting for him to come back for it. It's been 4 years and I need to see him now more than ever! My parents want me to become a governess in Ireland and I refuse to go! Can you help me escape?

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