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Do You Have My Textbook?: We Might!

Textbooks in the Library

Some instructors lend us their own copies of textbooks to make them available to their students through our Course Reserves service. We might have some textbooks in our regular collection, but as a general policy, we do not purchase textbooks for the library because they change often and we can't afford to keep up.

Check the Course Reserves Collection

Textbooks belonging to instructors are available in the Reserves Collection at the front desk. In most cases, they cannot be taken outside of the library.

Search the Course Reserves using information about the course or about the book.

Check the Library Collection

You can check the library catalog to see if we own a version of your textbook. Type in the of the book:

Keep in mind:
  • You can search with the title alone, but be careful because many books have the same or similar titles.
  • Avoid searching with the book's ISBN number. They are assigned to specific versions of books, so if we have an older edition, or if we have the hardcover version and you search with the ISBN for the paperback, it won't match.

Do You Want to Buy or Rent Your Textbooks?

You need to go to the Leeward Bookstore to buy, rent, or sell back textbooks. You can contact the bookstore at 808-455-0205 or

You can look up your textbooks on the bookstore's textbook page.

The bookstore is located on the ground floor of the Campus Center building, next to the cafeteria.