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Linking to Articles, E-Books, and Videos: Why Do It This Way?

How to create a link to articles and other content from library research databases.
Why should you go through these steps to create article links?

Easy Access to Licensed Content

For the research databases we subscribe to, we are contractually obligated to limit off-campus access to current Leeward CC students, staff, and faculty. Using the proxy system allows our patrons to use the same login and password they use for other UH services to access all of our research databases and the content within them.

Copyright Compliance

If you are an instructor and you copy or download an article, and then post it or distribute it to your students without getting permission from the copyright holder, you may be in violation of copyright law.

However, our vendors have paid to license the content in their databases, and we pay the vendors so students can access their databases. So distributing links to articles so students can retrieve them is perfectly legal.