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This guide supports the ZOOL 101 & 200 course assignment in their creation of Wikipedia pages for Hawaiʻi Native Species

Wikipedia Assignment

Aloha kākou! In this libguide you will find resources to help you conduct research on your chosen native species. This should help you to better populate a wikipedia article for your assignment. As you examine this guide, know that this is not an exhaustive list of resources. Remember to do your own research as well! Identify good keywords and search terms to help you in your search such as: Hawaii Ethnozoology, Native species, as well as the name of your species in both English and Hawaiian (ex. Kaku or Barracuda). Make sure you have a good amount of resources on your topic such as books/ebooks, scholarly articles, and reliable websites. If you have any questions, feel free to make an appointment with me using the button in the "Hawaiʻi- Pacific Resources Librarian" box below. E holomua!

For the Wikipedia projects: improve a current Wikipedia entry or make an original entry of a chosen species within certain taxonomic groups. The species needs to be indigenous to Hawaii, not already in wikipedia (or have a very short entry that needs expanding) and have at least 5 quality sources/references (those are wikipedia parameters). Students will need to follow the species format for Wikipedia and include at least the following chapters:

  • Lead Section: Common name, Hawaiian name and scientific name
  • Anatomy and morphology (for animals) or Description (for limu)
  • Distribution and habitat
  • Taxonomy: Wiki Taxabox
  • Cultural Importance: Hawaiian use and/or moʻolelo, stories, etc   
  • Conservation status: endemic, endangered, etc 

Approved taxonomic groups:

Algae/limu, Arthropods, Mollusks, Echinoderms, Birds, or Fish

"How to" Videos

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