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Using the Library

How to request an article that is not available at Leeward CC Library

Looking for an article that doesn’t appear to be available through Leeward CC’s collection?  You can now submit a request, and Leeward Library staff will try to help locate it for you!

Here’s how:

  1. If you find an article in our online catalog that you’re interested in, but is not available directly through our Library, you can go down to the "How to get it" section of the item’s online record and click "Sign In". 


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  2. Enter your username and password the same as if you were logging in to UH E-mail.
  3. The "How to get it" section of the item record will now show "Leeward CC Interlibrary Loan Article Request". 


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  4. Click this link to open the Article Request form.  All the relevant fields from the item record should already be filled in; you just need to enter your name, e-mail, UH ID number, and any optional notes or information. 


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  5. Click "Submit" when you're done, and your request will go to the Leeward Library staff.

How long will it take to get it?

  • First, we’ll check if the article is freely available online. If so, we’ll contact you with a link to where the article can be found.
  • If it's not free online, we’ll check if the article is available through the main UH campus library at Manoa. If so, we’ll send a request to them to send you a copy of the article.
  • If it’s not free online or at UH Manoa, a librarian from Leeward CC will contact you – they will help you with finding other similar articles or resources.

Time Frame: Please allow 2 – 4 business days to track down a copy of the article (depending how elusive it turns out to be!), or for a librarian to be in touch if the article is not available.