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HIST 284: History of Hawaii (Ickes): Course Materials

Published articles and books

Highlighted entries are native voices from Hawai'i or the Pacific. 
Click linked items to view catalog record or a full text online version, if available.

Alagappa, Muthiah, ed.  Political Legitimacy in Southeast Asia. Stanford: Stanford UP, 1995.

Beckwith, Martha. Hawaiian Mythology. Honolulu: UH Press, 1970. 

De Burlo, Charles. “Islanders, Soldiers, and Tourists: The War and the Shaping of Tourism in Melanesia,” in The Pacific Theater: Island Representations of World War II, eds. White, G. and L. Lindstrom. Honolulu: Center for Pacific Islands Studies, School of Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Studies, University of Hawai’i, UH Press, 1989, 299-329. De Burlo’s article features narratives from Melanesian who experienced firsthand the activities of World War II on their islands.

Emerson, Nathaniel, trans. Pele and Hi’iaka: a Myth from Hawai’i. Honolulu: Ai Pohaku Press, 1993 (1915).

Fornander, Abraham.  An Account of the Polynesian Race V1:  Its Origin and Migrations and the Ancient History of the Hawaiian People to the Times of Kamehameha I, Whitefish, MT:  Kessinger, 2007.

Handy, E.S. and Mary Kawena Pukui. The Polynesian Family System in Ka’u, Hawai’i. Honolulu: Mutual Publishing 1998. 

Heavey, Eleanor (oral history).  “Mind, Body, and Soul” in Hanahana: An Oral History Anthology of Hawaii’s Working People, eds. Kodama-Nishimoto, Michi, et. al. Honolulu: Ethnic Studies Oral History Project, University of Hawai’i at Manoa, 1987, 29-57.

Hereniko, Vilisoni.“Indigenous Knowledge and Academic Imperialism,” in Rememberance of Pacific Pasts, ed. R. Borofsky. 2000.  (Print or e-book)

…“Celebrating Connections among our Sea of Islands,speech during International Conference "Mapping and Unmapping the Pacific" (Feb 17, 2011)

Huntsman, Judith and Kelihiano Kalolo. The Future of Tokelau: Decolonizing Agendas 1975-2006. Auckland: Auckland UP, 2007.  (Not available at Leeward.  See Reference Desk for intrasystem loan)

Kamakau, Samuel. Ruling Chiefs of Hawai’i. Honolulu: Kamehameha Schools Press, 1992. 

Kameleihiwa, Lilikala. Native Land and Foreign Desires: Pehea La E Pono Ai?. Honolulu: Bishop Museum, 1992. 

Kent, Noel. Islands under the Influence:  Hawaii and Two Centuries of Dependent Development. Ann Arbor: University Microfilms, 1980.  (Ph.D. dissertation available online via ScholarSpace.  UH login required)

Kirch, Patrick. Feathered Gods and Fishhooks: An Introduction to Hawaiian Archaeology and Prehistory. Honolulu: UH Press, 1985. 

Kodama-Nishimoto, Michi, et. al. Hanahana: An Oral History Anthology of Hawaii’s Working People.  Honolulu: University of Hawai’i, Center for Oral History. 1984. Includes oral histories of Asian and Native Hawaiians.

Kneubuhl, Victoria Nalani. The Conversion of Ka’ahumanu [a play].  (Not available at Leeward.  See Reference Desk for intrasystem loan)

Lam, Maivan Clec. Review of the roots of decolonization resolution.

Latukefu, Sione and Ruta Sinclair. “Preparation for Mission—the Samoan Faifeau”, in Polynesian Missions in Melanesia From Samoa, Cook Islands and Tonga to Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia, ed. Marjorie Tuainekore Crocombe. Suva: Institute of Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific.  (Google e-book)

Lind, Ian.  “Sonny Kaniho Dies at age 87: Isle activist sought fairness in Hawaiian Home Lands leases”

Machado Lee, Brenda Luana. “The Relationship between the United States and Native Hawaiian Peoples; A Case of Spouse Abuse,” in Rememberance of Pacific Pasts, ed. R. Borofsky, Honolulu:UH Press, 2000, 358.  (Print or e-book)

Malo, David (trans. N. Emerson). Hawaiian Antiquities: Moʻolelo Hawaiʻi. Honolulu:Bishop Museum, 1951.

Maude, E.H. Slavers in Paradise: The Peruvian Labor Trade in Polynesia, 1862-1864. Canberra: ANU Press. 1981.  Maka,Rarotongan Missionary’s first hand report of the kidnapping.  (Not available at Leeward.  See Reference Desk for intrasystem loan)

Meleisea, MalamaThe Making of Modern Samoa: Traditional Authority and Colonial Administration in the History of Western Samoa.  Suva: Institute of Pacific Studies of the University of the South Pacific, 1987.  (Not available at Leeward.  See Reference Desk for intrasystem loan)

The Navy and the Massie-Kahahawai Case: A Timely Account of a Dark Page in Hawaiian History Worthy of Study. Honolulu: Honolulu Record Pub. Co, 1951. (Not available at Leeward.  See Reference Desk for intrasystem loan)

Ngugiwa Thiongo. Decolonising the Mind: the Politics of Language in African Literature. London: James Currey, 1981.  (Not available at Leeward.  See Reference Desk for intrasystem loan)

Okada, John. No-no Boy. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1976.

Okamura, Johnathan Y. Ethnicity and Inequality in Hawaiʻi. Temple University Press, 2008.

Osorio, Jonathan K.K.  Dismembering Lahui: A History of the Hawaiian Nation to 1887. Honolulu: UH Press, 2002.

“What Kine Hawaiian are You?” (Contemporary Pacific, 2002)  (Online full text via ScholarSpace.  UH login required)

Said, Edward. Orientalism. New York: Random House, 1979.

Shineberg, Dorothy. They came for Sandalwood : A Study of the Sandalwood Trade in the South-west Pacific, 1830-1865. Melbourne: Melbourne UP, 1967.

The People Trade : Pacific Island Laborers and New Caledonia, 1865-1930.  Honolulu : University of Hawai'i press, 1999.

Silva, Noenoe K. Aloha Betrayed: Native Hawaiian Resistance to American Colonialism. Durham: Duke UP, 2004.

Stannard, David.  Before the Horror: The Population of Hawai’i on the Eve of Western Contact.  Honolulu: Social Science Research Institute, University of Hawai’i at Manoa, 1989.

Takaki, Ronald. Pau Hana: Plantation Life and Labor in Hawaii 1835-1920. Honolulu: UH Press, 1983.

Uregei, YannCelene. “New Caledonia:  Confrontation to Colonial Rule”, in Politics in Melanesia. Suva: University of the South Pacific, 1982.  (Not available at Leeward.  See Reference Desk for intrasystem loan)

United States Congress, Public Law 103-150, Joint Resolution, 100th anniversary of the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Washington D.C., United States GPO.

Waddell, Eric, V. Naidu, and E. Hau’ofa. A New Oceania: Rediscovering Our Sea of IslandsSuva: School of Social and Economic Development, University of the South Pacific, 1993.  (Not available at Leeward.  See Reference Desk for intrasystem loan)

Walker, RanginuiKa Whaiwahi Tonu Matou: Struggle without End. Auckland: Penguin Books. 1990.

Wendt, Albert. Guardians and Wards: A study of the origins, causes, and the first two years of the Mau in Western Samoa. Victoria University Wellington, 1965. Thesis presented in fulfilment of the requirement for the Degree of M.A. (and Honours) in History.  (Microfilm available at UHM Hamilton Library only)



Pacific Islands Report

Office of Hawaiian Affairs

Ike Kuokoa

Wehewehe (online dictionary)  

Videos, Film

Act of War; the Overthrow of the Hawaiian Nation  online streaming video now available via Ethnographic Video Online.

Beyond Barbed Wire: Untold Stories of American Courage[videorecording]. Kit Parker Films; a film by Steve Rosen and Terri DeBono.National Asian American Telecommunications Associationm 2001. (Not available at Leeward.  See Reference Desk for intrasystem loan)

Conquest of Hawai’i. [videorecording],  Triage Entertainment, Inc. for the History Channel ; producers, Melody Shafir, Jill Sharer ; written by Susan Michaels ; directed by Stephen Kroopnick. 2003.

Native voices within the documentary:  Settlement (1-10); Cook (12-22); Kamehameha (23-34); ‘Aikapu/Ka’ahumanu (34-45); Missionaries (45-53); Foreign Powers, Mahele, Sugar (54-59); Kalakaua/Reciprocity Treaty (100-110); Lili’uokalani (110-120); Annexation/Statehood/Apology (120-130)

Made in Taiwan: Nathan and Oscar's excellent adventure. [videorecording].  A documentary from George Andrews. New Zealand : George Andrews Productions ; TV 3, c2006. (44 min.)

Navigators : Pathfinders of the Pacific.  [videorecording] : produced & written by Sam Low ; directed by Boyd Estus & Sam Low : edited by William Anderson ; presented by Hawaii Public Television.

Nomads of the wind. [videorecording]. Co-production of Thirteen/WNET and BBC-TV ; series written and produced by Peter Crawford ; executive editor, George Page. 1994. (Not available at Leeward.  See Reference Desk for intrasystem loan)

Ongka’s Big Moka.  Variant title:  Kawelka. [videorecording]. Granada Television, 1974.  (Also available on YouTube)

Picture Bride[videorecording]/Miramax Films in association with Thousand Cranes Filmworks; produced by Lisa Onodera; directed by Kayo Hatta; screenplay by Kayo Hatta and Mari Hatta. 2004.